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We Need Everyone

America United International (AUI) encourages all who can to become an

AUI Tier 1 Ambassador as their Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00) contributions are essential for the campaign’s sustainability. 

Tier 2 Ambassadors contribute One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) and join the Steering Committee of AUI

which is the functional equivalent of the campaign's board of directors.  

AUI is also recruiting Tier 3 Ambassadors who for eight (8) hours on a weekly basis help promote every aspect of AUI.


 Click here to make your $300 or $100 financial donation via PayPal

Click here to apply as an AUI Tier 3 Ambassador/volunteer


Parallel Lines
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Stop the undue censoring of Big Tech!
We're taking control over our community mobilizing.

There's a private online network exclusively for AUI supporters!!!

While Facebook, Twitter, and a variety of other public networking sites are an integral part of addressing weaponizations of America's legal system, those of us directly impacted cannot afford to be hindered by big tech censoring. Heeded or not, posts, comments, and messages intended to inform and help mobilize our ranks need to get through to as many of us as possible. Joining AUI’s private online network allows us maximum control over that process.

Time is of essence. If you have already joined, please encourage as many of your comrades against injustice to do so as well. For those who have not joined, please Sign Up.

Paper World.jpg

Putting faces on our persecution

Our suffering (as compared to our contentions) needs to be as apparent as the suffering of average people in any other war torn country if our triumph is to be a global priority.

Literal war is being waged at this moment against the citizens and residents of certain nations by their respective despots or ruling class. Opt IN USA secured acknowledgment that such a thing may be underway in America. The weapon of mass destruction we face is America’s legal system or rather it’s persistent, deliberate abuse. AUI’s February 10, 2022 report confirmed that enough related casualties are being sustained due to America’s inaction to warrant international intervention. Should the U.S. remain unresponsive by the end of June 2022, we have our answer: The bombing of lives at the will of unethical/influential U.S. lawyers and judges will not be deterred through any formal action out of D.C.

Our national reform advocacy community needs to be about the business of putting faces on the casualties of America’s Black Robed War against its people.

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Get prepared to effectively present your evidence

The training we promised is here.  Via the 7 or 10 week version of AUI's virtual course on documenting criminal judicial bias and collusion, organize your evidence of enduring organized U.S. legal system abuse, your pursuit of what proved to be ineffective avenues of redress, and your damages directly from both the legal system abuse you endured as well as the futility of seeking redress.  


Centralize everything in an invaluable Case Notebook and test your theories of liability as well as damages valuation before the Focus Group presentations part of AUI's virtual training.  Opportunites are being forged for establishing your claim(s) for relief are well-founded.   GET READY TO PROVE IT!    

Modern Architecture
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From a car caravan to a fundraiser . . .

Every individual has the ability to motivate others and inspire true change. By Organizing an Event, you become a crucial part of our campaign by making sure that our mission is heard and has a far-reaching, lasting impact.

AUI in general or any aspect of the campaign can be the focus of an event.  AUI administrators welcome the opportunity to assist you in hosting a gathering as part of AUI's campaign and/or assist us with one or more events that we are spearheading.  Please simply acquaint yourself with AUI per its About Us page and then share your event proposal(s) by . . .  

Sphere on Spiral Stairs


Be a Force for Good

Heightened pandemic and security precautions impede old fashion Capitol Hill lobby days in Washington, D.C.  However, AUI administrators are organizing to connect you with key congressional committee members as well as your own U.S. Senators and Representatives to advance our shared causes.  If you want to be notified when additional details on AUI's public interest lobbying efforts are finalized, please indicate as much when you . . .

Capitol Hill.jpg
Indiana, the Hoosier State


Significant impediments to AUI's success are still presented by certain courts serving Northwest Indiana.  Do you reside in or near the Hoosier State?

AUI has deep ties to the State of Indiana.  In fact, it is more like a tangled web, still ensnaring co-founders of the nonprofit corporation that launched AUI's sister campaign, Opt IN USA.  As our own Dr. Zena Crenshaw-Logal details to the U.S. Supreme Court via AUI's featured class action attempt, targeting her and her fellow NJCDLP (National Judicial Conduct and Disability Law Project, Inc.) co-founders was a handy way to curtail the international human rights advocacy that AUI is now sharing with Opt IN USA.  If you live in or near Indiana and want to be part of contending with threats that emanate there to AUI's sustainability as well as other manifestations of organized U.S. legal system abuse throughout the state, please indicate as much upon . . .  


Weaponization of

America's legal system

Very much needs to and must


The WAVE was started by the nonprofit corporate sponsor of AUI's sister campaign, Opt IN USA.  Please use the related online space to share your petitions, videos, statements, and site links in the grassroots battle against organized U.S. legal system abuse facilitated by unchecked judicial misconduct.

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