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Hold Up America


Pillars of America United International (AUI) are two (2) proposed class actions, one before the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. (SCOTUS) and the other before the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Netherlands.  Neither initiative seeks monetary relief except the Plaintiff's/Complainant's court costs and attorney fees should any be incurred. 

Via the proposed SCOTUS complaint, named pro se Plaintiff and prospective Envoy/Representative Party, Dr. Zena Crenshaw-Logal, who is AUI's Chief of Operations, seeks suspension of any and all PROSPECTIVE government as well as private action alleged to be products of organized U.S. legal system abuse facilitated by unchecked judicial misconduct, when such allegations are not manifestly ill-founded.  Ultimately, the action seeks America’s compliance with Article 2, paragraph 3(a) and (b) of its International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) which mandates effective domestic remedies for human violations under color of law.  As Envoy/Representative Party, Dr. Crenshaw-Logal endeavors to secure for herself and "similarly situated Americans . . . full protection from and vindication for the organized U.S. legal system abuse to which they remain subject, respectively, plus . . . adequate relief for anyone and everyone directly harmed at any time since 1990 by that particularly egregious form of human rights violation" pursuant to America's ICCPR.

Belinda Parker-Brown, Co-Founder and CEO of Louisiana United International, Inc., which is AUI's nonprofit corporate sponsor, and Dr. Zena Crenshaw-Logal represent AUI as well as its constituents in a request for investigation of U.S. President Joseph Biden, Jr. before the International Criminal Court.  In their representative capacities, Parker-Brown and Crenshaw-Logal submit "information as well as evidence probative of 'Crimes against humanity' . . . in terms of 'facilitating the commission of such a crime' and/or 'contribut(ing) to the commission or attempted commission of such a crime by a group of persons acting with a common purpose' . . . by" President Biden.  They ask the ICC's Prosecutor to determine "whether President Biden 'means to engage in the conduct' of acquiescing to organized U.S. legal system abuse . . . or '(i)n relation to a consequence, . . . means to cause that consequence or is aware that it will occur in the ordinary course of events'."    


Crenshaw-Logal v. The U.S.A.

“. . .

15.    The 'People' being duly empowered to resist 'any Form of Government . . . destructive' in the indicated manner of their lives, liberty, and/or property, Plaintiff hereby wields the right for herself and as Envoy/Representative Party for 'the People to alter . . .' U.S. government such that she and they 'seem most likely to effect (both her own) Safety and Happiness' and that of her fellow countrymen and countrywomen as well as America’s children.  See, Declaration of Independence (US 1776)” . . .

AUI v. President Joseph Biden, Jr.

. . .
“Despite what Parker-Brown and Crenshaw-Logal contend is its very sound basis in fact and law, the . . . proposed action before the U.S. Supreme Court is an unprecedented and highly unusual attempt to secure relief from the High Court of a legal system that has proven ineffective for decades, per applicable standards,  in redressing such matters through its ordinary processes.  By design or in effect, President Biden, like his predecessors dating back to at least February 16, 2016,  acquiesces to underlying “Crimes against humanity” which itself is a crime within jurisdiction of the (International Criminal) Court” . . .

FAQ regarding our proposed class action before the U.S. Supreme Court:

Our focusing on Dr. Crenshaw-Logal’s difficulties and championing her fight for justice before the U.S. Supreme Court are inspired by very practical considerations, over and beyond whatever personal concern any of us have for her well-being.  Click on the link below for additional details.

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